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We love restoration, we love classics ...

Some time ago we decided to channel all the knowledge through an offer of services for federations, clubs, professionals and owners of classic vehicles.

We restore all kinds of accessories, seats, steering wheels, tires and detailing to professionals. Mechanics and electricity specialized by vehicle brand.

A job that we are passionate about ...
every day we continue to learn, each day we continue to share.

If you want to know our mission, vision and values, follow us ...

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Our projects ... Enter
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Classic Car & Motorbike Consulting

Opinion of the partners

Classics with Shoes

" The oldest trees give the sweetest fruits, " says a German proverb.

"You know?. There are classics with wheels and classics with shoes! "We said one day at Gas NDS Garage.

We are more than convinced that we live in a society and in a time that is not appreciated enough. In general, we do not value how lucky we are. It seems that people only have "validity" while we are active, then we take them out of priority. We are not going to collaborate on this, rather the opposite.

With this initiative, we declare that we feel indebted to our elders.

A part of our income goes to aid organizations to the elderly each year.

We will be happy that you send us your candidacies.