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Restore the performance of your engine.

Restore the performance of your engine.
ART / REF. 0614405294829

KM + Advanced Engine Flush, is an environmentally friendly solution. It is non-toxic and has passed REACH compliance.
It is a product specially formulated to dissolve the sludge and clean the crankcase, improving the useful life of the oil.

Instructions for use:
Before changing the used engine oil and oil filter, add km + Advanced Engine Flush to the engine oil and let the engine run at idle for 5 minutes, then accelerate the engine to 3,000 rpm for 30 seconds and let it run between 5 and 10 minutes more to idle, to finish, accelerate the engine up to 3,000 rpm for 30 seconds.
After this process, stop the engine and drain the oil from the crankcase, replace the oil filter, then refill the crankcase with new oil.

This product is compatible with all types of motor oil.


4,90 €