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Optimization of the fuel, clean and lubricated engine.

· Increase the power
· Fuel savings
· Less black smoke
· Less emissions,
· Better air quality

Restore the performance of your engine.
ART / REF. 79357328701

KM + instantly improves the quality of the liquid fuel at the time it is mixed when it is added to the fuel tank.
Effective in any type of combustion engine, cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, ships, heavy machinery and heat generators (heating boilers).
Formulated from esters (organic compound) of natural plants, ecological and biodegradable.
It is non-toxic, non-flammable and does not leave ash or rubber when burned with fuel, designed to meet current competitive requirements and optimize engine performance, fuel economy, maintenance and protection of combustion engines, as well as the fulfillment of the social responsibility of maintaining a cleaner and more sustainable land.

Each container is useful for 80 liters of fuel, the efficiency increases with 95 octane fuel.
1 box contains 5 containers, useful for 400 liters of easily metered fuel.
100% compatible: Diesel or Gasoline.
The best results are obtained in older engines.
This product does not modify the octane of the fuel.


28,20 €