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Catalan Federation of Historical Vehicles

Annual Meeting


This past February 23 took place in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, the annual assembly of the Catalan Federation of Historical Vehicles.

The session was divided into 3 main sections, Review of actions 2018, Modification of the regulation and statement of accounts.

The participation of the same stood at 50% of the associates.   With the presence of 3 future partners.

Assembly FCVH 2019.


Regarding the review of actions 2018, he highlighted the arduous task with the administrations to combat the new regulations and restrictions.

Also the participation of the FCVH with the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia in the study of the Heritage of the Automotive.

Regarding relations outside the FCVH, recognition of the FCVH by FEVA, with presence in the meetings and the commitment of the latter, for the creation of a territorial council that would preside over the FCVH.

It should also be noted, the round table of the Spirit of Montjuïc 2018 on the future of the vehicle collection, which involved 60 people.

And finally, the agreement with the Sitges Rally.   The FCVH will award a prize to the most emblematic vehicle.


As for the regulation, the statutes are modified to adapt them to the new norms, mainly, to the convocation of extraordinary assemblies, which from now on, may require a minimum of 10% of the assembly.

Approved the vice-presidency, which falls to the representative of Antic Car Club de Catalunya.

Statement of accounts.

Zero percent delinquency.   Of course, the low volume of liquid, due to the number of entries, will not allow solvency actions.

Questions and questions.

The great majority of the prayers were focused, to give more presence and visibility in the FCVH.   Incursion of the logos in the posters of the meetings organized by associates and merchandising requests.

Lluis DeJuan   , president of the Andorran Association of Antique Vehicles presents the   FIVA Rally 2.019   in Andorran lands.   And it takes the opportunity to support the FCVH, a federation that will be used as a reference for relations with administrations

Proposal by the attendees that the FCVH organizes the Rallies of classics, will be studied with the FCA.

And in 2019, to close the assembly, commitment to the love of continuing to watch and working for the good future of the classics with rigor and perseverance of the   FCV