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Catalan Federation of Historic Vehicles

Definition and Classification of vehicles represented by the FCVH


Given the avalanche of disinformation that has recently been carried out with an interest in certain sectors of the network, about the group that this Federation represents and with the aim of offering clarity and transparency about our vehicles represented through federated clubs and associations, they are described below the characteristics and conditions that identify and have to comply with the vehicles owned by the members of our represented entities.


1.- Date of antiquity is considered the date of manufacture of the vehicle indicated in the technical sheet

2.- Two large groups of vehicles are taken into consideration; A and B.

GROUP A - Vehicles over 30 years old

Considered historical heritage

- Road registration vehicle, whether or not it has a historical license plate

- NON-DAILY use vehicle

- Mechanically Powered Vehicle

- Vehicle in a historically correct state of conservation

GROUP B - Vehicles between 20 and 30 years old (youngtimers)

Considered collectibles for their exclusivity, design, tradition and / or their own right and therefore they deserve to be preserved because they will form part of the historical heritage later

- Road registration vehicle

- NON-DAILY use vehicle

- Mechanically Powered Vehicle

- Vehicle in perfect condition

- Vehicle that, due to its exclusivity, design, tradition and / or its own right, can be considered collectible.

The characteristics and classification of these vehicles are defined according to the FIVA and FEVA regulations and recommendations.